A Great Technique For Finding Good Keyword Rich Post Titles Using the Google Search Engine

One great technique for finding good keyword rich post titles is to simply use the Google search engine to tell you what to write about.

For example, say that your topic is about “tennis lessons.”

Or maybe your site is about tennis, but you want to have a lot of articles regarding tennis lessons.

So what you would do is to go to google.com and type in their search bar:

“tennis lessons what”

And you will notice at this point that the Google auto suggest has a number of possible searches for you in the drop down box that you might select.

For example, one is:

“tennis lessons what to expect”

And another is

“tennis lessons what age to start”

These are good possible post titles for your articles!

Now I would actually try to take it a step further in every instance and actually add a few more words to each post title suggestion.

For example:

“tennis lessons what to expect” could become:

“Tennis Lessons – What to Expect in Terms of Prices and Training Expectations”

And then “tennis lessons what age to start” could become:

“Tennis Lessons – What Age to Start for Maximum use of Your Child’s Enjoyment of the Sport”

It is almost always a good idea to go with a longer, more keyword rich article title rather than a short one.

The fact of the matter is that you are probably never going to rank for the keyword “tennis lesson.”

But you still can get a whole lot of targeted long tail traffic if you create effective post titles like this.

Now after you type in “tennis lesson what” into the Google search bar and look at the autocomplete suggestions, I would go through several more variations and type in things such as:

“tennis lessons how”
“tennis lessons when”
“tennis lessons should”

And so on.

Try to think of lots of unique modifiers to put after your keyword, and then see what Google spits back at you.

If you can create an article title out of it, then use it!

Google is essentially telling you what popular long tail queries people are typing in with their auto suggest feature. So use this data to your advantage and turn them into article titles.