A Primer for Building a “Freedom Business” – The Ebook Ebook


My friends John and Mary just launched their new eBook today, and I wanted to let you know about. Note that I am not recommending this eBook in order to make any money and there is no affiliate relationship here at all……I just thought it was a strong offer and so I wanted to pass it along to you.

This is an eBook about how to create a successful eBook.

But really, it is a lot more than that.

In fact, the book is more about how to market and turn an eBook into a product, into a successful business.

John and Mary use the idea that your blog should be the foundation that supports and helps market your eBook. So they walk you through the process of using a blog as a marketing platform. They also cover the basics of SEO and tell you how to optimize your website to get free traffic.

They also urge you to use email marketing via an opt-in list that you can build over time. This is a huge part of the process for selling an eBook and for turning it into a healthy business. If you have a huge list then your business is practically made in the shade. If you don’t have a strong list then it is hard to build a solid foundation for launching your book.

I actually wrote my eBooks (Day Jobs Suck and Quantum Happiness) before seeing The Ebook Ebook, but I can see that many of the concepts that John and Mary talk about are things that I used in my own experience. There were also a few ideas in here that I am going to implement in the future now that I have learned about them.

What this book will teach you: How to build a website (a blog) and use it to market your eBook. Also, how to create an eBook that has real value and can stand on its own as a product. Also, how to create an eBook so good that you can build an entire business around it.

Who this book is for: People who want to quit their day jobs! Seriously, if you want a long term business that creates freedom for you, then this would be a good starting point.

Who should avoid this book: If you already have a strong knowledge of SEO, building websites, and publishing and marketing eBooks, then you can probably pass on this.

For everyone else this is a solid primer if you are looking to get started on building a “freedom business.” The Ebook Ebook is $27 bucks for a limited time, and if you apply the concepts within the book you will definitely get a good return on that investment. Of course it is all about taking action.

Check out The Ebook Ebook right here if you like.