A Process Overview For Creating Your Online Business

Let’s break down the processes that you will need to go through in order to create your online business.

I want you to have a clear understanding of exactly what you are going to be doing. This will help to give you confidence, and allow you to actually do the work, knowing what the outcomes and goals actually look like.

First, the view from 10,000 feet

You start a single website and make it your only business pursuit. You build the website over time, making it bigger and bigger, and you also promote the site. Free traffic starts to show up eventually and you grow and focus on building this stream of free traffic. Eventually you monetize the site and turn the free stream of traffic into money. You continue to work to grow your traffic and thus income stream.

Second, let’s look at the processes in slightly more detail

While we will eventually consider each of these in greater detail, I want you to have a firm grasp of the overall process.

1) Topic selection

Topic selection is NOT easy. Most people will never get it absolutely perfect, but you can still do well by choosing a decent topic for your site.

The topic that you choose to build a business about should:

* Be something in which you have expertise, and can write with real authority about.
* Have sufficient profit potential to be able to make money.
* Have sufficient volume and interest on the web, such that many people are searching for it.
* Be fairly easy to monetize (does well with AdSense).

It is not necessarily easy to find an intersection between those four things. Note that some topics online really require that you create a product, offer a service, or have a business in order to make the website profitable.

My belief is that you should choose a topic in which the website itself can become profitable, simply through advertising. When this is true, you have a very powerful online business, because then you have the option later of developing your own product IF you choose to. However, choose the right topic, and your site can be profitable with simple advertising added to it.

The process of choosing the perfect topic goes like this:

1) Brainstorm topics that you have expertise in.
2) Check them online for profit and volume potential.

Doing so is not easy, which is why we dive much deeper into topic selection later on.

2) Starting the site

My recommendation is that you call up a web host such as Bluehost or Hostgator and do the following things with them to help you:

* Purchase a domain name (a dot com).
* Purchase shared web hosting (this should be their cheapest hosting and run about 10 bucks or month or so).
* Get WordPress installed on your domain.

There is no real need to explain these three things in detail, because the web hosts have 24/7 phone support to help you do these things. Further, they will spend the time helping you with these things because they want your business.

After WordPress is installed on your new domain then you are up and running. You can now log in with your username and password and create your first article.

3) Creating the content

Writing and publishing articles should comprise 95 percent of your time.

The articles that you publish on your website should be:

* Useful.
* Insightful.
* Helpful to the reader.
* Original, in that your own personal experience benefits the reader in some way.

Each article that you publish on your website should be oozing with quality. This does NOT mean in a grammatical sense, or that your writing is polished and perfect. It means that your content should be useful and helpful to the reader, and that it is unique. If you can find the same exact information elsewhere on the web, then you have added nothing of value to the Internet.

4) Promoting the site

You will be creating amazingly good articles and then pitching them to other website owners as guest posts. When you do this, you will include a link back to your website.

This will be your primary method of promotion, and I would recommend that you either do it once or twice each month. Either pace is fine so long as you keep plugging away for at least two years. If you want results (and income) faster than obviously publish two guest posts per month instead of just one.

There is a definite art to guest posting and many people have some anxiety about it, so I spend a lot of time explaining exactly how to land guest posts.

Facebook and Twitter will take care of themselves. What you need are strong links pointed at your website, and guest posting is the way to accomplish this.

5) Monetizing the site

AdSense is the baseline, and should be a natural starting point for you.

Based on your topic, your site may or may not do well with AdSense.

Regardless of how well it does, you may be tempted at some point to explore alternative methods of monetization.

For example, you might:

* Develop a product and sell it.
* Offer consulting and earn fees.
* Sell affiliate products.
* Write and sell an eBook.
* Start a membership site that costs money to join.
* Offer to teach and create a paid course.

And so on. One of the best ways to start thinking about monetization is to do some quick online research. Go to Google and search for your topic, using lots of different keywords. Get a feel for what the top five or ten websites are in your niche.

Now ask yourself as you look through these sites, “How are they making money?”

Some may be capturing and selling leads. Some may be selling a product. Others may be advertising. Some may have membership programs. And so on.

Study your overall niche and see how the big players are turning traffic into dollars. This can give you a good idea of where your future monetization efforts should be.