Passive Income Through Precious Metals Investments

Isolated gold bars on white background.
Making money without any active effort is easier said than done, but thanks to the various investment opportunities online, it can be done. Investing requires some knowledge and strategy, but so long as it remains a side project meant for supplemental income, it can be done without a great deal of work or time commitment. Specifically, one popular source of additional, passive income through investment is the precious metals market. Precious metals such as gold and silver tend to be simpler to invest in than your average stock, and can also offer you the potential for supplemental income without a large degree of risk. Here are a few words on how such an investment works.

How To Invest
Because they are not available to be traded in ordinary stock markets (other than through ETFs or investments in mining companies), precious metals are bought and sold on their own websites. For example, at a site like, you can purchase any amount of physical gold bullion you choose, at any time and with any currency. You can then withdraw your gold or have it stored at a secure vault until you decide to sell it back for currency. Ultimately, this makes for a very efficient and reliable method of investment that is particularly convenient as a passive side project.

Why To Invest
Generally speaking, precious metal is a low-risk, modest reward investment. Because the prices of precious metals change on an international basis, without reliance on any single industry, company, country or currency, those prices tend to remain more stable than those of many other stocks and resources. This means that – generally speaking – your investment in precious metal will not be likely to plummet due to a sudden shift in price. Similarly, the gains are often slow and modest. But if you are specifically looking for a side source of gradual income, precious metal investment may be ideal.

When To Invest
Method and motive are easy – but figuring out strategically when to put your money behind precious metals can be the tricky part. As is true of any investment, it is necessary to read and analyze the market in order to determine whether or not you think prices are likely to go up in the coming weeks, month, or even year. Often, the best way to read the gold and silver industries is to look at major world currencies. This is because, if these major currencies (such as the dollar and euro) struggle, many investors turn to precious metals to protect their finances from deflating value. This in turn drives the prices of those metals up. The same trend can occur in reverse, with thriving currencies driving the prices of precious metals. World currencies are only some of the factors involved, but they are often the most direct indicators of the precious metal market.

This is a guest post on behalf of BullionVault, written by freelancer Brian Sherman.