The Four Hour Chef is Upon Us!

So Tim Ferriss has been very quiet about his upcoming book, but he just dropped a bomb of information and has all sorts of good stuff going for the pre launch of his latest masterpiece.

I am a big fan of his work, especially 4HWW, as it pretty much led me to pursue passive income streams and has completely changed my life in a big way.

Tim’s work led me actually take business-building seriously, as he hinted at the wonderful freedom that is available when you quit your day job. His ideas inspired me to get serious about developing my website into a full time earner.

At the time I picked up his book, my website was earning only a hundred or so per month. I saw that it was possible to automate my income at some point if I did enough work ahead of time and created enough value.

The thought of escaping the day job rat race was too enticing to pass up. The 4HWW is what fueled my fire to take serious action and kick my business into high gear.

I am especially excited about his new book because it is not JUST a cookbook….instead, it uses cooking as a way to deconstruct skill acquisition. Very interesting and very relevant to business building and personal growth, etc.

I suggest you head on over and check it out!